From service focus to digital excellence


Increase speed and reduce expenses through solution patterns


The customer’s needs are always in the focus of the supplier. There are various ways to meet these requirements. This is precisely where a kind of “solution zoo” often emerges – a collection of solutions that work on their own, but that require enormous amounts of care and maintenance: The nightmare of many IT managers. How can the costs be reduced by creating solution patterns? The Service Dominant Architecture (SDA) does just that: A clean separation, a multitude of solution patterns and standard interfaces as well as good adaptability. Business requirements often have common aspects, such as needing data from legacy systems, secure authentication, and all in real time.


The SDA platform enables companies to quickly and efficiently transform the “solution zoo” into clean structures that fulfill both requirements: Serving customer needs and optimizing solutions.


Do you want to create customer centric solutions? We will enable you.

Marco Ziegler

Marco Ziegler
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