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Successful business models increasingly have one thing in common: they are platform-based. The openness and speed of platforms enables the integration of innovative services. In other words, companies can implement new strategies and add valuable experiences to their products. They follow a certain logic: they are service-dominant, i.e. they are focused on the utility for their customers and are constantly improving their data-based customer understanding through touchpoints and interaction with their customers.

Competences that are not anchored in their core business are acquired from partners. These are continuously integrated according to the individual situation of the customers, creating digital ecosystems in which the participants mutually empower each other.

For the implementation, an architecture that follows the Service-Dominant Logic (SDL) is essential: The Service-Dominant Architecture (SDA). This architecture, implemented as a platform, meets all of your enterprise’s empowerment requirements such as openness, real-time, interaction and data security.

The SDA platform is ready-to-use and offers you the fast and individual realization of your own digital ecosystem. You can access existing services or develop new ones to highlight the uniqueness of your business model.


Get to know the four components of our service platform with just one click.


In order to implement services in real time 24/7, all relevant data is stored in the system of data – both existing information and new knowledge. These form the basis for continuous improvement of services.


External data and capabilities such as co-producers, external platforms and AI are linked inside the System of Participation.


The interaction with the end customer takes place in the System of Interaction. The prerequisites for a uniform, interactive customer experience are created in this omnichannel integration layer. Through interaction, the user becomes a valuable co-creator in the value chain.


The various resources are brought together and orchestrated in the System of Operant Resources. The higher the resource density in this system, the more innovative and valuable solutions can be created.


The coordination of actors and resources requires rules. These rules are flexibly defined here. The stacks and other solutions are also ordered and implemented via the SDA service catalogue, a B2B app store.

In technological terms, the SDA service platform is implemented in the same way as other successful platform-based business models. This allows your development teams to work independently because the modules are individually scalable, easy to maintain and can each be implemented with different technologies (microservices, flexible runtime environments, service catalog, DevOps, containers).

Realize your digital ecosystem with our service platform and benefit from the following advantages:

  • Real-time interaction with your customers
  • Connection to solutions and services of external partners
  • Continuous development of your customer insights through data
  • Platform and services are ready-to-use for you within a few hours

What makes SDA
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Scientific background

Service-Dominant Architecture: Conceptualizing the Foundation for Execution of Digital Strategies based on S‑D logic

Companies are required to build new digital capabilities to design and implement digital strategies. The paper takes a visionary perspective and motivates to view value creation through a service lens to respond to current challenges of digital transformation. We apply Service-Dominant Architecture (SDA) to translate requirements of business initiatives into sustainable new IT infrastructure capabilities.

Conceptualizing Resource Orchestration – The Role of Service Platforms in Facilitating Service Systems

This paper focusses on the role and purpose of service platforms in value creation and in particular, the management of resources. For this, a longitudinal single-case study method is conducted that comprises three embedded case studies as units of analysis. In this context, the meta-theoretical foundations of S-D logic are reflected and, as a result, resource orchestration as a management capability of service platforms is introduced and discussed.

Let’s Get Digital: Digitizing the Insurance Business with Service Platforms

Exploiting the opportunities of digital technologies is a key challenge for most companies and a driver for digital transformation. Especially important in this endeavor is the implementation of a comprehensive technological service platform that integrates legacy and modern infrastructure. In this article, we reflect on the experiences gained in the digital transformation of a traditional insurance company in Germany.


What added value does SDA offer companies?

The combination of enterprise legacy systems with the Service-Dominant Architecture makes it possible to…

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