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The Service Dominated Architecture (SDA) has its origins in science and is constantly being further developed by a network of leading service scientists worldwide. For SDA SE, Professor Dr. Markus Warg, the creator of the Service-Dominant Architecture, drives and coordinates this process. He heads the Institute for Service Design in Hamburg (Wikipedia).

More detailed articles on the service platform, solutions and digital transformation are provided below. Further details are available on the website of the Institute for Service Design in Hamburg.

1Service Platform

Take a look at further exciting aspects as well as at the scientific background and connections to our service platform.

Service-Dominant Architecture: Conceptualizing the Foundation for Execution of Digital Strategies based on S-D logic

Companies are required to build new digital capabilities to design and implement digital strategies. The paper takes a visionary perspective and motivates to view value creation through a service lens to respond to current challenges of digital transformation. We apply Service-Dominant Architecture (SDA) to translate requirements of business initiatives into sustainable new IT infrastructure capabilities.

Conceptualizing Resource Orchestration – The Role of Service Platforms in Facilitating Service Systems

This paper focusses on the role and purpose of service platforms in value creation and in particular, the management of resources. For this, a longitudinal single-case study method is conducted that comprises three embedded case studies as units of analysis. In this context, the meta-theoretical foundations of S-D logic are reflected and, as a result, resource orchestration as a management capability of service platforms is introduced and discussed.

Let’s Get Digital: Digitizing the Insurance Business with Service Platforms

Exploiting the opportunities of digital technologies is a key challenge for most companies and a driver for digital transformation. Especially important in this endeavor is the implementation of a comprehensive technological service platform that integrates legacy and modern infrastructure. In this article, we reflect on the experiences gained in the digital transformation of a traditional insurance company in Germany.

3Digital Transformation

Get an overview of the scientific interrelationships of digitalization and learn how digital transformation can take place holistically in companies.

Service-Dominant Architecture to Master Digital Transformation – Case of an Insurance Company

Digitization spawns emergence of service ecosystems fuelled by interconnecting service systems and digital technologies. Examples are service-led digital businesses such as Amazon, Zalando, Uber or Airbnb. At the same time, companies lack clear digital strategies. Our research addresses the key question, how companies can adopt and develop related digital capabilities systematically in order to sustain in the digital age.

Service-Dominant Architecture (SDA): A Core Component of Digital Transformation

On the way to high-performance digital enterprises, organizations must empower themselves for agile, interactive and collaborative processes and structures without endangering existing operations. That is exactly what is possible by building a Service-Dominant Architecture that complements existing operations. This article outlines the derivation and structure of this architecture.

From Product Organization to Platform Organization – Observations of Organizational Development in the Insurance Industry

The winning paper for the Best Paper Award of The Naples Forum on Service 2019: Award of The International Society of Service Innovation Professionals (ISSIP).

Change in Health Insurance: Service beats product

Hardly any other company receives as much data about its customers as health insurers. To offer them genuine value-added services with high utility value – especially in active support without a claim – this valuable information must be transferred, evaluated and bundled. The paradigm shift from product to service will become increasingly important when it comes to making a decisive difference in the range of products offered.

How Incumbent Companies Stay Competitive

To remain competitive, incumbents must adapt their business models and processes to exploit technological opportunities. This article describes how the definition of “platform” can be extended to a more integrated one than just in a purely technological way. Furthermore, you’ll get to know how incumbents can benefit from the capabilites insurtech offers.

What the service platform of the future will look like

Open interaction, co-creation with customers and the involvement of co-producers lead to new business models and solutions that offer high value for customers. This requires a Service-Dominant Platform Strategy. This chapter analyzes the characteristics of platforms and shows, using a case study, how companies can develop their products into platforms with high utility benefits by embedding additional service providers in their ecosystem.

Close to Science and Research

We know current trends and use them to implement holistic approaches.

The Institut für Service Design Hamburg (IfSD) analyzes developments and trends in service in a network with world-leading scientists and institutions. These trends flow into the development of holistic strategies and solutions by SDA SE.

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