Interview with a colleague: Vladimir

Our colleague and Software Engineer Vladimir

In our profile series, we introduce you to our new colleagues from a very private side. Today, we’re taking a closer look at our software engineer Vladimir and finding out, among other things, what his autobiography would be called, who he would like to have a coffee with and what superpower he would like to have.

We hope you enjoy reading!

This is how my friends would describe me

Communicative, spontaneous, and always ready for action

My career path so far

I started my professional career as a developer in one of the largest consulting companies in Serbia, after graduating from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in the field of Information Systems and Technology. During my first work experience I had the opportunity to work for various clients all over Europe, getting to know different domains. A few years later, I decided to relocate to Germany. There I was able to gain further experience in the development of an in-house product. After three years, I decided to further grow professionally again, expand my social network and meet great people – and that’s why I’m here, at SDA SE.

My role at SDA SE

I currently work as a software engineer in the so-called Baymax team. We are mainly focused on application development for the health sector, but we also maintain applications related to security. The job itself is very diverse and is therefore not only focused on pure development, but includes many different areas, such as research, architecture decisions, infrastructure and DevOps-related tasks. This makes the job perfect for expanding your knowledge horizontally and becoming a better version of yourself!

My secret talent


My personal Mood Booster at work

Good music and a cup of coffee

This is how I relax after work

Doing workouts, running or cycling

My favorite song

I don’t really have a favorite song but I love music in general!

What movie has excited you the most in your life so far?

This is a very tough question for me as I am the kind of person that forgets movies very quickly after watching them. In general, I really enjoy watching thrillers, so I will list the ones I really liked: El Cuerpo, Prisoners, La cara oculta

My favorite task at work is

Anything related to development and architecture

What would you take with you to a desert island?

My wife

My favorite app on the mobile phone

I can’t decide on a single app. My top 3 are: Instagram, Medium, and YT Music

I would like to have a cup of coffee with this person one day

With a younger version of me just to tell myself that I am proud of everything I have done so far.

What superpower would you like to have and why?

Since I love to travel, I would like to travel to any place in the world immediately without taking long train, car or plane rides.

How would you design your workplace at home if money was no object?

I already enjoy my workplace at home. It’s exactly how I would imagine it to be. A comfortable chair, a large desk, a good headset and a monitor – and I’m good to go.

What would be the title of your autobiography?

An unforgettable adventure

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