Enablement through our modular customer app


Connect quicker to the end customer


Signal Iduna has introduced a service app to provide customers with the best possible service. The advantages: a complete overview, simple operation, clear information and helpful extras.

The customer has an overview of his contracts at all times, can view current rates and the services rendered. Invoices can be submitted quickly and easily by sending a cell phone photo postage-free – at any time 24/7. Useful forms and helpful explanations can also be found in the app.

Contact simplified: An inquiry via the customer app can later be discussed in person with a Service Center employee without any problems. All information is available omnichannel.


A versatile, modular, ready-to-use service app for top service experiences.


Do you want to create customer centric service solutions? We will enable you.

Marco Ziegler

Marco Ziegler
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