SDA SE empowers its customers to build new value propositions and successful B2B2C business models using platforms and ecosystems.

To this end, we provide all the required capabilities, such as the SDA service platform and numerous modular services and solutions, so-called packaged business capabilities or simply stacks.

SDA SE’s unique selling point is its Service Dominated Architecture, which serves as a blueprint for platforms to both cooperatively build value propositions and enable the process of using the value propositions in the course of interactions.

We develop our stacks modularly and with focus on the fact that they can be reused without major adjustments. Build once and use as often as you like. All services and solutions can be selected via our SDA service catalog like in an app store and implemented immediately. The components of our service platform are remunerated by means of a rental model. The rent includes license, maintenance and further development of the modular components.

In this way, SDA SE enables companies, also in combination with their existing organization, to leverage the opportunities of platforms and ecosystems and offer digital value propositions with high utility for their customers.

We enable you to build digital ecosystems

Winning together: success through platforms.

Service Platform

Digital services ready-to-use

Proven in practice: Our platform for digital value-added services.


Open up new ways to your customers

Create valuable touchpoints for your customers with the help of our service platform – develop autonomous, in co-creation or benefit from existing services.

Digital Transformation

Shape your digital future – we enable you

We support your digital transformation.


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