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On the basis of the SDA service platform, a wide variety of solutions can be developed for your entire value chain: Starting with addressing potential customers through value-added services for existing customers up to digital billing services that make life easier for your customers. Our experience shows that when a company combines its own service with that of a partner, the new solution will deliver important competitive advantages.

It only takes a few months from the idea to the finished digital service: Together with you, we define the application case, followed by conception and finally testing. For accelerated implementation, the SDA platform uses ready-made interfaces. The result is a transfer of know-how that allows you to act independently in the future. The application runs under your control, so that you do not give away any sensitive data.

An example: A private health insurance company wants to make life with diabetes easier for its policy holders and maintain their health through prevention. Specialized partners such as mySugr can be digitally connected to policy holders via SDA. The result is a perfect solution that benefits everyone involved!

How the interactions of the platform components enable customer-centric solutions

The 5-minute care request

Application: Via app by the end customer

The end customer submits a care request via a chatbot in the app.
The app is connected to the service platform via the SYSTEM OF INTERACTION. The data entered is stored inside the SYSTEM OF DATA and can be used for further interactions with partners and insurance companies. Platform services such as 2-factor authentication, user administration, digital signatures and secure document delivery are used here.

Application review: Involvement of the co-producer

The SYSTEM OF PARTICIPATION forwards the entered applications for care assessment directly to the medical service. The previous data validation in the app ensures consistent data quality and the manual process of nursing assessment can be initiated by the medical service. The completed care report is subsequently supplied by the medical service via the SYSTEM OF PARTICIPATION in the SYSTEM OF DATA for interaction with the end customer and insurance company.

Application submission: Interface to the insurance company

First, the insurance company validates the customer through an interface in the SYSTEM OF OPERANT RESOURCES. Among other things, the system checks whether care insurance is available. Via this interface, the application and other additional information are transferred to the insurance company’s portfolio management systems in order to ensure further processing in the provision of services.


How are solutions created on the SDA platform?

Any software developer can implement solutions on the SDA platform. These can be…

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