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Any software developer can implement solutions on the SDA platform. These can come from agencies, internal IT departments or from us, SDA SE. The advantage: You can use the existing technical and professional connections. The software deployment and testing process is largely automated. This enables new digital value-added services to be created in the shortest possible time.

Since the SDA is a service platform, it connects the different platform participants: companies, partners and start-ups as well as consumers. The platform’s services can be used in all sectors.

Linking enterprise legacy systems to the Service-Dominant Architecture enables you to link existing data with new data and use it for real-time interactions. Value-added applications are created via intelligent interfaces to the existing architecture – also with the help of partners. Instead of a complete migration and renewal of the entire IT landscape, SDA SE develops the required interfaces to the current architecture.

Through SDA, I can work digitally with established companies as a partner and start-up company. So, whenever I want to have access to inventory data of companies or want to use services from them, this is possible via the service platform. As a partner, I can optimize my own solution and make it valuable for my customers. SDA SE is an expert on connecting to existing IT systems – technically, legally and culturally.

The service platform is implemented step-by-step and agilely for companies. In other words, only what is necessary for a concrete solution will be connected. The technical connection depends on the existing IT situation. The experts at SDA SE discuss this in individual cases and use their experience from previous implementations.

SDA SE is not only a technical pioneer of cooperation, but also a cultural mediator who brings together the strengths and capabilities of companies and start-ups to create valuable added benefits for consumers. Based on ideas, mock-ups and click dummies are created and tested with end customers. If they are successful, contracts are drawn up between the two partners.

Many companies use the service platform for digital services. Every customer is provided with its own instance of the platform, which can be operated by the customer or SDA SE. The platform is updated by SDA SE on all instances. We believe in a partnership model: If the platform registers many transactions and the value-added services are frequently used, then SDA SE will also benefit from these successes.

We believe in the idea that openness and transparency in combination with the large open source developer community will result in better software. Furthermore, we don’t want to make the core components of our platform dependent on vendor policies. By using open standards, companies avoid the lock-in effect.

We provide highly available solutions for our customers and deal with personal and health data. These are highly sensitive. This is why our security requirements for software, data storage and processing are extremely high. We operate customer solutions under ISO27001 and comply with all legal requirements, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The Service-Dominant Architecture has been developed independently of industries. It can provide added value wherever IT systems are not yet designed for real-time interaction and collaboration, e.g. in companies with a long IT history. There are already a number of ready-to-use Services and components for the insurance, healthcare, brokerage and logistics industries.

Quite simple: We come to you with a small team of experts and work out common ideas on what digital Services advance your company in a free workshop. No preparatory work is necessary for you. You simply describe the desired goal to us. We look forward to your interest! kontakt@sda.se or by phone + 49 40 33442506


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