Services in the SDA

Build on what’s already there to take off digitally

The SDA platform combines existing services with new value-added services – that’s what makes it so attractive. In this way, you can realize new value-added networks full of flexibility, speed and individualization. SDA’s interfaces make your services accessible to partners and end customers, enabling the integration of existing services in conjunction with new digital applications.

We have already developed many services that are necessary for the use of digital solutions. These include user authorization and encryption services. The services can also be specifically expanded to meet your requirements, especially the integration of your business partners. The use of Open Source Technologies gives you all the freedom you need for further development.

You will find an overview of the currently available services on this page. The data that can be processed in the services can be found here. The SDA platform is continuously being further developed in line with demand – the services are consequently in varying degrees of maturity. There are four categories of services: Core Services, Communication Services, Security Services and Connecting Services.

1Core Services

  • Show contract overview
  • Show contract details
  • Save contracts
UISystem of Record
  • Show request overview
  • Show application details
  • Save requests
System of Record
  • Show customer data
  • Change customer data
UISystem of Record
  • Show all relevant data
  • Easy access to linked documents and invoices
System of Record
  • Storage of all relevant data
  • Link to documents and invoices
  • Submission of claims reports e.g. bicycle thefts
System of Record
  • Show documents
  • Save / archive documents
UISystem of Record
  • Show overview of all transactions
  • Possibility of analysis on all transactions
  • Easy to use e.g. via photo function of the smartphone
  • Scanning the barcode
  • Compatible with iOS / Android
UISystem of Record

2Communication Services

  • e-mail, SMS, push notification
  • Attachments possible
  • Before and after signature
  • Initial retrieval of applications for end customers possible
System of Record

3Security Services

  • e.g. via Facebook, Instagram, Xing, …
  • Administration of user data
  • Authentication via OIDC for third-party services
  • Secure services for end customers
  • No access by third parties
  • Advantages of the cloud can be used without compromising security

4Connecting Services

  • BiPro-compliant Interface
System of Record
  • FHIR-compliant interface
UISystem of Record
  • E.g. Facebook, Alexa etc.



UI components for existing service

System of Record

Service accesses legacy systems (System of Record) of the connected insurance company

* The SDA platform is constantly being expanded in terms of its scope. The number of available services is constantly growing. The following services are shown as of September 20, 2018.


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