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It all started with a thought: How can a company start into the digital future without having to say goodbye to its previous systems? Our solution: The Service-Dominant Architecture – it is the eponym of SDA SE and the basis for customized real-time services via our platform. With the comprehensive capabilities of the platform and its continuous expansion, we have become a catalyst for digital transformation in the financial and insurance industries.

We, SDA SE Open Industry Solutions, are a joint venture of the msg Group and the SIGNAL IDUNA Group, Allianz X and Debeka in cooperation with IBM Deutschland GmbH. With the knowledge and creativity of our entire team, we make service-oriented customer experiences accessible to all industries. We always keep an eye on the entire process. Through continuous learning – also with the help of end customers as co-creators – we constantly develop our solutions further. After all, the future doesn’t wait.

The architects of SDA SE

Supervisory Board

Prof. Dr. Markus Warg,
Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Markus Warg came up with the idea of a Service-Dominant Architecture thus being the initiator of SDA SE Open Industry Solutions. He has many years of experience as an executive and supervisory board member and and as a lecturer, he has been teaching skills in leadership, service design and risk management since 2008.  Additionally, he is establishing the SDA in the network of world’s leading scientists together with the Institute for Service Design, Hamburg (

Daniela Rohde,
Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board

A mathematics graduate and DAV actuary, she has held management positions in the insurance industry since 1999 and has been a member of the SIGNAL IDUNA Group’s Executive Board since January 2023. She is also a member of the Board of the German Actuarial Association (DAV), where she chairs the DAV’s Actuarial Data Science Committee. She is convinced that the SDA as a blueprint for the cooperative creation of value propositions on platforms enables precisely fitting service. 

Carsten Middendorf,
Supervisory Board Member

Carsten Middendorf joined Allianz X at the beginning of 2016 and has been Chief Investment Officer since mid-2022. Previously, Carsten was an Engagement Manager with the European boutique consultancy, where he gained extensive experience in managing various projects for international utilities, technology giants and industrial companies. Together with SDA SE, he raises demand-actuated customer communication to a new level in times of digital transformation.

Daniel Thomas,
Supervisory Board Member

Daniel Thomas, an industrial engineer, has been a member of the Management Board of the HUK-COBURG Insurance Group since 2014. He started as a member of the Management Board of the online insurer HUK24 and then moved to the Group Management Board in 2016, where his responsibilities include operational organization, IT and digital services. He is certain that SDA SE fits perfectly into the Group’s strategic direction and that innovative, highly scalable new business models can be developed on the basis of SDA in a very short time.

Dr. Normann Pankratz,
Supervisory Board Member

Dr. Normann Pankratz joined the Management Board of Debeka Insurance in January 2019. He had already been working for the insurer since 2009. From 2014, he was head of the “Life Insurance and Pension Fund Technology/Mathematics” department. He studied mathematics and economics at the University of Bonn. He earned a doctorate in mathematics at RWTH Aachen University. For him, the approach of SDA SE is consistent, as well as technologically leading and it enables a 360-degree customer understanding.

Dr. Jürgen Zehetmaier,
Supervisory Board Member

Dr. Jürgen Zehetmaier, doctor of economics has been a member of the msg systems ag Management Board since 2020 and has many years of IT, management and consulting experience in the insurance and financial services environment. For him, the future lies in collaborative platform approaches and ecosystems such as SDA SE, through which companies can implement the digital transformation faster and more efficiently.

Administrative Board

Steffen Heilmann

Steffen Heilmann is Chief Executive Officer and responsible for the Strategy, Products, Technology, Finance, Legal and HR divisions.

He has expertise in scaling business models, digital transformation and building successful teams.

Marco Ziegler

Marco Ziegler, as Chief Sales Officer, is responsible for the business divisions Sales and Marketing.

The successful salesman brings experience from the classic IT infrastructure as well as the necessary balancing act between state-of-the-art cloud transformation and customer-centric product development in the banking and insurance environment. Most recently, he was Head of New Business Financial Services at a leading European IT service provider.

Our partners and companions

On our way to new services and solutions, we can rely on strong partners. Together we believe in openness, a sharing economy and cooperation. This is why we are also open to further development partners or shareholders. SDA SE Open Industry Solutions is currently supported by these five investors:

SIGNAL IDUNA Group (Shareholder)

Trust, Reliability and Quality – this is what SIGNAL IDUNA stands for. For more than 100 years, the insurance company has been accompanying people on their journey through life with high-quality insurance, savings contracts and financing products. And many companies are also convinced customers of this strong partner, who combines the best of insurance and finance.

By people for people – creating the future with real values. This sentence is the essence of over 100 years of tradition. SIGNAL IDUNA sees it as its task to be a reliable partner for generations – with understandable products and services that meet needs. Despite its entrepreneurial size, the most important thing has never been lost sight of: people.

From retirement provision to supplementary insurance, there is no insurance that SIGNAL IDUNA doesn’t offer. And in the financial services sector, the Group has a private bank, a building society, an investment company and an asset management company to complement its range.

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msg Group (Shareholder)

msg is an independent, internationally active Group of companies with more than 6,000 employees worldwide. It offers a comprehensive range of services comprising imaginative strategic consulting and intelligent, sustainable, value-adding IT solutions for the automotive, banking, food, insurance, life science & healthcare, public sector, telecommunications & media, travel & logistics and utilities industries and has acquired an excellent reputation as an industry specialist in over 35 years.

The range of different sectors and topics covered by the Goup includes independent companies: msg systems ag forms the central core of the Group. It cooperates closely with the companies in terms of technical and organizational aspects. In this way, the competencies, experience and know-how of all members are bundled into a comprehensive solution portfolio with measurable added value for customers.

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Allianz X (Shareholder)

Allianz X is the digital investment unit of Allianz Group, one of the leading insurance companies and asset managers worldwide. Allianz X invests in digital, growth-oriented companies whose products and services are related to the insurance industry: Mobility, Connected Property, Connected Health, Wealth Management & Retirement, and Data Intelligence & Cyber ​​Security. Allianz X offers its portfolio companies access to the digital ecosystem of Allianz, its regional companies and global experts for innovation.

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DEBEKA (Shareholder)

Founded in 1905 as a pure health insurance for civil servants, the company has grown into an insurance group that offers comprehensive insurance protection for all private households and small and medium-sized companies over the years. It retains its independence thus being able to freely realize its cooperative corporate goals – regardless of the interests of third parties.

Proximity, trust and responsibility are particularly important to the Debeka Group regarding its diverse range of insurance and financial services. The customer is offered as many effective services as possible; for instance, generated surpluses accrue directly to the members.

In addition, a constant change process is an integral part of the corporate culture. The Debeka Group is continuously developing its products, reacts flexibly and promptly to changing customer needs as well as framework conditions. Safety and sustainability are always in the foreground. A principle that also applies to investments – for an environment in which ideas and progress thrives.

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HUK-COBURG (Shareholder)

HUK-COBURG is a large German insurer with a wide range of insurance products for private households. The group includes five property/casualty insurers – one of them operates online exclusively – and two health insurers.

The group is headed by HUK-COBURG, which has been conducting insurance business on a mutual basis for more than 80 years. This means that the company belongs to the insured. Furthermore, the company’s purpose is focused on the interests of policyholders. According to its articles of association, the parent company is open only to members of the public sector; strictly speaking, HUK-COBURG belongs only to the insured and members of the parent company. However, the principle that the company focuses its actions and economic activity on all its insure persons applies to all policyholders, i.e. also to all companies in the Group.

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Scientific Network

Prof. Dr. Tilo Böhmann

Tilo Böhmann is Head of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Hamburg and the Research Group IT Management and Consulting. His research interests include service systems engineering and IT management as well as innovative digital services and their service business models.

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Prof. Dr. Markus Warg

Markus Warg is Professor of Leadership, Service Design & Risk Management at FH Wedel – University of Applied Sciences. His research interests are service systems, leadership, finance and risk management.

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Data Security and Certifications

Our aim is to provide the best quality and highest data security. That is why we have established a GDPR-compliant Data Protection Management System. We have a control environment and are guided by the current standards: Compliance IDW PS 980 and IDW EPS 982, Risk Management IDW PS 981, Information Security ISO 270001 and 270002, Revision IDW EPS 983.

Growing together – Working for SDA SE

As a corporate start-up, we design digital services for our customers – with a lot of passion, teamwork and a lot of fun with real innovations. 
We are looking for colleagues who have the creative will and quality awareness. Together, we not only develop excellent products, but also continuously develop SDA SE. Our creative team offers you an inspiring environment for personal and professional growth. Apply now!

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